Our vision

Our Vision

Your Learning Path

Your learning path is our main concern.

Active speaking and involvement in communication both characterize our vision of language learning.

You will be addressed personally in order to achieve full understanding and implementation.

Study materials are adequate to your needs and will be adjusted to your learning strategies and objectives.

Improve your chances and deepen your experiences by language participation!

For your learning comfort we teach Dutch on all sixΒ  levels ( A0-C2) in four different Β formats – Basic; Intensive; Guided self-study; individual.Β 

Bulgarian we teach on four levels (A0-B2) in two different formats – Basic and Individual.

Besides the lessons online, a proper and well balanced processing time will be indispensable, for rehearsing, practise, implementation and


We will however be at your support and always respond to you – accurately and swiftly.