Dutch courses for businesses


Courses for Businesses

OnlineLingoAcademy is your partner in business when it comes to teach and train professionals and employees to participate effectively in your company.

For a swift and qualitative employ of foreign staff in your company or organisation we offer you:

Intensive and short-term tailor-made Dutch courses

Our courses concentrate on:

✔️Quick and concrete results

✔️Labour-related language training and vocabulary

✔️Speaking, listening and conversating

✔️Self-sustainability in language, in company & culture

We deliver swift and adequate language learning solutions. Your staff will swiftly be available for employment within your enterprise – for instance in business-branches like:







Our courses are tailored to the learning path of every single course member and are closely monitored in evaluations. You stay well-informed about progress and developments. Proficiency in Dutch makes all the difference on the job itself and benefits furthermore without any doubt a person’s wellbeing in the Netherlands or Belgium.

For reasons of efficiency and accurateness we teach live-online via Zoom, therefor course-participants may be able to join the lessons while working or even from abroad.

These 4 formats – Individual; Basic; Intensive; and Guided self-study – are very suitable for staff and professionals to study Dutch, whenever- wherever.

OnlineLingoAcademy proposes you an ‘Individual’ business course, for which we make you a formal offer. We also can arrange courses for multiple students, as it suits your purposes best, or you could chose one of our 3 other learning strategies (formats) of different intensities.

After about one month a fair language level will be accomplished, depending on the chosen format and the arrangements agreed upon. Proficiency in Dutch will give your employee a boost in self-confidence and positive energy to perform the job – to everyone’s satisfacion.

We also propose you text-editing and checks, e.g. informative texts, contracts, (juridical) documents and presentations.

Please, send us a message, or your request for a tender offer

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Please, send us a message, or your request for a tender offer