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July 15, 2022


About Course

You can attend this course only by appointment; All aspects of the course can be negotiated; so it is tailor-made to your desires, ambitions and conditions.

In general, you’ll learn the basics of the Bulgarian language in this course. You’ll get to know a lot more about the principles of the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

On your way to B1, we offer you a great deal of vocabulary. This will demand a serious effort, because the texts increasingly become more difficult and extended. You however are likely to become the witness of your own dexterity in using grammatical and syntactical structures in Bulgarian.

You’ll develop a necessary and useful confidence to participate in Bulgarian, by simple but effective means.

We will start right away with conversating:  both listening and speaking are in the centre of the OnlineLingoAcademy approach.

You train while you speak and improve your skills with ease and joy, as it suits you best!


By appointment

Nominal time-investment

At least 30 hours of studying time is recommended for rehearsing, training, conversations and general homework.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Point out the essentials in a conversation of others and tell or write about this subject.
  • Summarise an simple article and give your opinion about it
  • present yourself in an interview or come into social contact with others.
  • Write a letter or email about personal matters, your memories, desires e.g.
  • Summarise the discussed themes in a radio, television or internet report.
  • Reflect in main features and in some details how you feel, what happened, what you make of this and what this may imply for others.
  • Use grammatical structures in accordance to this B1 level, including many ‘aspects’ (Aorista) of the most frequent Bulgarian verbs.
  • Teacher
    Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Language

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Textbook not included

  • Аз говоря български. Да общуваме на български - част 2 + CD
  • ISBN: 9789544001100