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July 15, 2022


About Course

You can attend this course only by appointment; All aspects of the course can be negotiated; so it is tailor-made to your desires, ambitions and conditions.

In general, you’ll learn the basics of the Bulgarian language in this course. You’ll get to know more about the principles of the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

This includes of course a good beginning with the Cyrillic alphabet.

We will start right away with conversating:  both listening and speaking are in the centre of the OnlineLingoAcademy approach.

You train while you speak and improve your skills with ease and joy, as it suits you best!


By appointment

Nominal time-investment

By appointment and resulting from deliberation

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What Will You Learn?

  • Spell your name
  • Use the names of days, months
  • Propose things to someone
  • Count up to 100.
  • Order and pay.
  • Read and use a recipe.
  • Describe a person
  • Congratulate someone.
  • Ask how somebody feels
  • Tell the time
  • Express your personal mood
  • Go shopping and ask about products
  • Speak about food
  • Use the names of the colours
  • Compare things and goods
  • Describe and buy things
  • Tell about your home and house
  • Use the modal verbs properly
  • Teacher
    Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Language

Payment :


Textbook not included

  • Аз говоря български. Български език за чужденци - част 1
  • ISBN: 9547753339