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April 8, 2022


About Course

This is a course in which you are mainly in charge yourself. You prepare the lessons ( in advance), do the exercises and other tasks, written and spoken etc. Once a week there is a meeting for questions, remarks and conversations about designated themes.

In this course you’ll be introduced to the underlaying basics of the Dutch language. You’ll get to know more about the principles of the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. On your learning path we offer you Dutch in a comprehensive way and with an abundance of actual use: you soon will discover that you can implement instantly what’s presented to you during the course. You make a learning-practice by employment in a literal manner.

We will start right away with conversating and hold on to it, because both listening and speaking are in the centre of the OnlineLingoAcademy approach.

You rehearse and explore while you speak and will improve your skills with ease and joy.

Your teacher will know you as a course-member on an individual learning path: we will guide you to whatever in Dutch you desire to achieve.


This is a 6 weeks-course with 1 lesson of 2 hours every week. Total meetings: 12 hours

The lessons in a small group are limited to 8 course members on Mondays

Nominal time-investment

At least 30 hours of studying time is recommended for rehearsing, training, conversations and general homework.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Spell your name the days of the week.
  • Propose things to someone count up to 100.
  • Order and pay.
  • Read and use a recipe.
  • Describe a person. congratulate someone.
  • Ask how somebody feels tell the time.
  • Express your personal mood.
  • Go shopping and ask about products speak about food.
  • Use the names of the colours.
  • Compare things and goods describe and buy things.
  • Tell about your home and house use the modal verbs properly.
  • Teacher
    Raphael Vossen
  • Language

Payment :


Textbook not included

  • Book: “Nederlands In Gang A0-A2” - ISBN: 9 789046 905609