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July 15, 2022


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You will be able to use Bulgarian comfortably and independently. You are aware of a number of possibilities to express yourself freely, to make further inquiries, to find information in some detail, as to approve or disapprove in a wide range of subjects. You can read a diversity of books and articles with an average difficulty, or watch radio and television broadcasts, read and write letters or e-mails about familiar themes. You really have developed confidence about your skills and can actually take part in a Bulgarian spoken environment.

OnlineLingoAcademy helps you to listen and to speak and supports you in an permanent dialogue. As a result of your increased self-confidence in Bulgarian, you’ll can abstain more and more from translating from and comparing with your mother language.


This is a 7,5 weeks course of 2 lessons of 2 hours weekly. Total hours: 30

We shall meet in small groups, limited to 8 participants, on Mondays and Thursdays.

Nominal time investment

A processing time of least 30 hours is recommended for rehearsing, training, general homework and conversations.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You fully comply with the B1 checklist and manage to communicate by using more detailed spoken and written information.
  • You can appreciate humour, complaints, judgements, irony in texts and use it yourself, if necessary.
  • You know how to describe graphic figures, representations and schemes.
  • You only rarely translate average Bulgarian to your mother language.
  • You know and use regularly at least 150 verbs in different tenses.
  • It is no great deal to rephrase your sentence, to ask for general information in some detail, to object against decisions and to bring forward your own or a
  • particular point of view.
  • Teacher
    Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Language

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Textbook not included

  • Аз говоря български. Да общуваме на български - част 2 + CD
  • ISBN: 9789544001100