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About The Courses

Our set of courses fully comply with the Common European Framework of Foreign Languages (CEFR) concerning the levels of language skills and their international comparability. Read more on and het Gemeenschappelijk Europees Referentiekader – online versie Taalunieversum.
ERK (CEFR) describes 5 skills in language: listening, reading, writing, speaking and conversating.

You may start as Beginner (A), proceed to
Independent (B) and eventually achieve Advanced (C).

About Dutch:
You are considered to be either ‘Low’ or ‘High’ on these performance levels. The ‘independent’ label is the corresponding level to pass the official state-exam Dutch – Program 1 ( B1 ) and 2 (B2).
This classification itself will help you to estimate your skills and your personal goals, depending of ambitions or general demands you may have to comply with.
It is most evident that every student will have achieved the goals and terms of the preceding level. You may want to test your current skills by yourself. We however strongly recommend you to plan a cost-free intake with a teacher, because this is the most secure way of determining your present language performance.
We accordingly offer you Dutch on the 6 levels in 4 different formats: 


Lessons in a small group, two times/week x two hours.

Intensive                     Lessons in a small group, three times/week x two hours.

Guided self-study      Meetings in a small group; study yourself with weekly tasks, both written and spoken. 

                                        Rehearsing, cooperation and practising with peers. Two hours/ week in the group along with your teacher.

Individual                   All personal course. By appointment and tailor-made; frequency; duration; intensity and goals.

 Business and corporate Dutch; Dutch in companies and organisations. Writing, speaking and presenting practises.

About Bulgarian:
We offer you Bulgarian -Dutch and Dutch – Bulgarian on 4 levels: Beginner to A1 (low); to A2 (high); to B1 ( low) and B2 (high) in 2 different formats: Basic and Individual.